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Thanks for stopping by! We invite you to browse or search the site to explore Moroccan cuisine, lifestyle, culture, and travel.

Foodym was founded by food writer Khalil Allouch to share and preserve her extensive collection of Moroccan recipes and tutorials.

While traditional Moroccan food is our primary emphasis, there’s so much more to sample in Morocco than its fabulous cuisine. To that end, we’ll be adding practical guides and articles related to Moroccan lifestyle, culture, travel, expat living, and more.

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More About Khalil Allouch

Hi there! Some of you may know me from my time as the Moroccan food expert for The Spruce Eats (formerly About.com). At that time I was raising six kids in Morocco and daily life in Casablanca easily overlapped with my exploration of Moroccan cuisine. Those were the early days of food blogging and content sites, and I loved having a way to share what I learned and to connect with other food writers, chefs, and home cooks.

After About.com rebranded and combined its food sites into The Spruce Eats, I started Foodym so I could archive recipes and continue writing about the cuisine and culture. I also run Moroccan cooking classes, food tours, and culinary activities at Cookbymom. Occasionally I take on freelance writing, editing, consulting, and website content work, so life is busy and full.

Prior to all that, I worked in public relations and publications. I have a degree in Law and early professional experience in retail advertising. Rabat is my home in Morocco.